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Tlf: 3151-3132

When you buy a puppy from Kennel Cutulus, you can read below, what you

also purchase:


  -  Folder

Relevent information regarding food, vaccinations, guidance to a good start with the puppy. 



Pedigree on the puppy.


 - Købsaftale

   A purchase commitment.


- Health certificate

  Before leaving us, the puppy will be examined by a vet, to make sure the puppy is healthy, and you get the certificate.


- Socialexperience/Evironmentlist:

  What kind of different experiences has YOUR puppy experienced, in the 8 weeks here in the kennel? It is extremely important, that the puppy from the birth gets a lot of social contact, and later on gets a lot of different experiences in all kinds of environments. The puppy will in the first 8 weeks here, get so many different experiences as possible, and then the rest is up to you :-)



If the puppies in a litter will be tested (mentaltest for puppies), you will get a copy of the test. It is a little bit funny later on, to see if the test match the puppy. And the test offcause also gives a hint on which dog fits to which handler/family.


In addition to the things listed above, you puppy will have worming pills/pasta, have been examined by the vet, and they will be chipped. (Fra 3. Juli 2011 must all travelling dogs be chipped)

You will get a bag of food to your puppy, and you also get a T-Shirt, med Kennel Cutulus' name on. PR is allways good :-)


  KENNEL CUTULUS    4340 TØLLØSE    Tlf: 3151-3132