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About me



2008 : Kennel Cutulus is still in the early beginning, but good adverticing can not be done too often :-) and I am really looking forward, to make german shepherds puppies, and I also know, that the buying of my females Bona Vom Wolfsheim, and Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese, will guarantee puppies in a very high standard.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and even the big well established kennels has started out with an A litter... and I am pretty sure, than when you have your heart in what you do, and you make sure to know as mutch as possible, then it cannot go wrong. Experience will come with time....

For me, only the best is good enough, so I feel comitted to do the best I can, in every way, and I am striving to breed great working line german shepherds for the military, police departments, competitions and family companions. My goal is to breed dogs that exhibit excellent prey drive, courage, intelligence and also have a ton of energy, and offcause is both beautiful and healthy too :-)

Kennel Cutulus is hobby breeding, and all of the dogs live inside the house, as a part of the family. Not all dogs live with me, and I do not own all the dogs. They can live with friends/colleagues or educated by the new owners.

I am a K9 policeofficer in the danish police, and the pictures in the top and button is pictures of me and my dog "Cæsar" who is 6 years old now.

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