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Tlf: 3151-3132






(Bona Vom Wolfsheim-Miro Vom Wällerhorst) 

BH- AD- IPO 2 - AK-1

Is 27 of may 2017 bred to:


(Orla Von Der Staatsmacht - Black-Jack Von Der Teufelskehle)

BH - AD - IPO 3 - AK-1 (Breed körung both in Serbia and in SV in Germany)

We expect highpreyed puppies suitable for both competition and POlice/military Work. Cutulud Delta hars 16 offspring where all 16 has been x-rayed to HD:A ED:0, so 100 % top  Health result.  Poker  Podravski has made app. 20 litters  where all puppies x-rayed are healthy and some sold to serbian police and as competitions.


23. April 2016

Junique Du Triangle Magique HD:A ED:0, IPO 3, AK has born 5 males (Black and Black/tan) and 3 females (Black/tan) after

Arando Van De Borkseranch HD:A ED:0, KNPV

These puppies will guaranteed have lots of preydrives, good grips and an excellent nervesystem, xince the male Arando is from the Dutch policeprogram KNPV and the female Juniqye has made an excellent mentaltest in the Danish police for patroldogs, and furthermore is selected ti the Danish nationals 2016 in IPO 3.

There are videos of both parents under these links:

Junique IPO 1:




Arando KNPV PH-1:


16. November 2015:

Kira Amarcord bred to Arek Von Pentavita

3'rd and 5'th of april 2015:

Wolke Vom Rosseleck and Cutulus Delta had puppies after Bolle Ja Na Ka. Further informations under puppies.

4. February 2015

Cutulus Delta bred to Bolle Ja Na Ka.

31 January 2015:

Wolke Vom Rosseleck bred to Bolle Ja Na Ka

22. OCTOBER 2014  



Manja Von Karthago
Born: 13 Marts 2012
HD:  A  ED: 0 

Mor: Sisca Von Karthago
Far: Ginoginelli Von Karthago

September 2014: 

Junique Du Triangle Magique
FP - UHP - IPO 1 - IPO 2- IPO 3
HD: A AD: 0

Will in the spring 20145 be mated to


Bolle Ja Na Ka

FP - UHP - IPO 1 - IPO 2- IPO 3

HD: A AD: 0

Bundessieger 2014
Nr. 3 at WUSV 2014


20-th of April 2014:




Hesselballe Olfi





is 20'th april 2014

bred to


Dion Vom Lepperhof 







16'th of september 2013:



Wolke Vom Rosseleck


   Has the 16'th of September 2013

given birth to 6 males (3 grey, 3 Whole black)

og 5 tæver (2 grey, 3 whole black)


Poker Vom Weinbergblick 

Vice WM WUSV-Universalsieger 2013 i Belgien


Link til stamtavle på parring







15. July 2013




Wolke Vom Rosseleck


has the 15'th of Juli 2013


been bred to


Poker Vom Weinbergblick 


 Link to pedigree




22. October 2010: 

                Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese         

Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese

was 22'nd of october 2010

mated with

Mike Vom Weinbergblick

Born: 1 male and 2 females 27. of December 2010


30 August 2010:

Xilli Von Der Siegertshöhe has 30'th of august 2010 born: 

3 males (2 black, 1 grey) and 2 females (1 black, 1 grey)

after Mike Vom Weinbergblick
More informations under "Puppies"


7. August 2010

 Carlos today got his SchH3 with the result: 278 point:

A: 92 B:90 C:96





25 July 2010

Carlos today got his SchH2 with 271 point

A: 85 B:92 C:94





4. July 2010

 Carlos today got an "V" on show in Rostock.

"It's MINE....."


29. June 2010

   Xilli Von Der Siegertshöhe                                          Mike Vom Weinbergblick

 Xilli Von Der Siegertshöhe           

Xilli Von Der Siegertshöhe

was the 29'th of June

mated to

Mike Vom Weinbergblick


19. June 2010

Carlos today got approved in Kkl 1. Congratulations !!!!


17. June 2010

 Bona Vom Wolfsheim has 17'th of june 2010

given birth to 1 male and 3 females (all black/yellow)


Miro Vom Wällerhorst


 6. June 2010

Carlos today got his SchH1 in Germany with 261 points A:80 B:90 C:91. 7 dogs were at the test, and 3 dogs did not pass the tracking, and according to Lisa the tracking was very difficult, and on very high grass (to the hips...). Carlos did not lay down with the two objects. In the protectionwork Carlos wanted to save time, and ran directly to the helper, and lost 5 point for that :-)




4. June 2010

Bona Vom Wolfsheim was today scanned at the vetenarian hospital, and there are puppies inside :-) She was scanned standing up, because she absolutely does not like, to be hold laying down, so the vet scanned Bona's left side only, and she could see at least two puppies... But the important thing was to know if there was puppies, not how many :-) We will hopefully see in two weeks :-)


12. may 2010

Carlos today got his AD test in Germany...


8. may 2010 

Carlos today got his BH test


27. april 2010

Carlos has been chipped, DNA tested and ED examined.


22. april 2010

Cutulus Chikita was today shipped off to USA, where she will have a new life as a police patroldog in Ohio Police Department.

Chikita in Copenhagen airport.   Airportemployee taking care of her.    Chikita looking surprised....



20. april 2010

Bona Vom Wolfsheim

is 17'th of april 2010 mated with

Miro Vom Wällerhorst

 Bona Vom Wolfsheim                   Miro Vom Wällerhorst


23 march 2010

Cutulus Chikita with her mother Jamaika

Chikita sammen med sin mor

Cutulus Chikita is for sale. She is a beautiful little dog, with a lot of prey and oppinions :-) She needs a family/handler who will use her for training also. She is a really loving and social dog, who loves children and other dogs.

She is 19 weeks old (born 8. november 2009) and her parents are Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese og Hulgaards Yupp (police dog in the danish police)

For further information, call or write at the mailadress or phonenumber:

Mail: mol@aol.dk


Mobil: +45 3151-3132 


8 November 2009


Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese had 15 puppies (9 male-6 female) after Hulgaards Yupp. 13 puppies surveived.

6. september 2009


Xilli Von Der Siegertshöhe had 2 male puppies after Worry Vom Salztalblick. 1 male surveived.

Cutulus Bandit 8 weeks old

24 july 2009


Due to "Holliday-problems" the breeding between Bona Vom Wolfsheim and Eliot Von Prevent has been deferred to later this year.


10 july 2009


All puppies after Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese and Fantom Anrebri has got new homes. We prepare to breed Bona Vom Wolfsheim with Eliot Von Prevent in august.


The beautiful Cutulus Aqua after

Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese and Fantom Anrebri

Cutulus Aqua



16 may 2009

New pictures of the puppies. Push the link below:


Pictures of puppies



12 may 2009.

New video of Jamaika's puppies, 15 days old. Push the link below, to see the video:


     Video of the puppies


02 may 2009:

Video of Jamaika's puppies, 5 days old. Push the link below, to see the video:


      Video of the puppies


27 april 2009:

Puppies after Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese and Fantom Anrebri: 6 males and 3 females (Whole black, grey, black/yellow) Check under "puppies".


20 april 2009:


We can again proudly present, our new female, Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese. Check her our under "Breeding female dogs".

30 november 2008:

Last week we videotaped Bona Vom Wolfsheim, and now the video is finished. You can see the result under "Video". Thanks to Torben and Heidi for helping.


06 july 2008:

We went to Frank Bredefeld from Kennel Vom Cap Arkona in Bramsche in Germany, and picked up our new breeding female in Kennel Cutulus: Bona Vom Wolfsheim. Read more about Bona under "Breeding female dogs".


28 june 2008:

We have found a very interesting female, which we would like to have for our kennel. When we have picked her up, and she is here with us, we will write it here on these pages.


10 june 2008:

Kennel Cutulus have got a new homepage. We think, that it is awesome :-) Thanks to Jesper Sigurd, who helped us make it.

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