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Tlf: 3151-3132


Goliath Bady-Ron (Carlos)

Born: 10'th of april 2007
HD:B, DNA,  AD, BH, SchH1, SchH2, SchH3, AK1/Kkl1
Danish Indeks: 100 (new)
Show: Excellent

Goliath Bady-Ron, in daily speak called  "Carlos", is imported from CZ Republic, when he was 8 weeks old. He is a Male, with a large "M", allthough he is a "littebrother" at home. He has an amazing prey-drive, and his mind is awesome. He is a dog with complete obedience, and with the ability to shut it off or turn it on at anytime. He is, what everybody dreams of, in a dog used for competition, and he learns things very quickly. He is extremely fast, and very agile. Besides that,  he is also a natural "biter", and it comes natural to him, to come very fast in "C", and he has a solid, strong grip. He is a very beautiful and very loving dog, with expressive and dark eyes, and he is very well builded.

I train "Carlos" in the Danish German Shepard Club, and I hope I can get him approved within a year. He is born the 10 th. of april 2007, and his bloodlines are from Germany, CZ republic, and Slovakia.

Carlos went through the danish policedog mentaltest in february 2010, and made an extremely excellent test..... He is not afraid of ANYTHING, and has a nervesystem, which cannot be better than this....

A dog who means what he says :-)

Carlos' father,  Zoran Ben-Ju has made the following scores/point:

ScH 1 (97-91-92)
ScH 2 (98-91-98)
ScH 3 (99-90-96)
IPO 3 (99-90-100!!!)

Zoran was also shown "velmi dobry" 5y5/55 P.I.tr.2005-2006, and was named to the all Czech IPO team in 2006 and 2007, and earned 3rd place in qualification to go to world competition of Sch Dogs. He also participated in Nationals in Slovakia and  he was the winner of International Comp of breeding dogs in Bratislava. "Carlos' litter was the last litter from Zoran in CZ Republic, Zoran was sold to the biggest kennel in USA, Kreative Kennels.

Zoran Ben-Ju is son of Tea Ben-Ju (2 x WUSV participant) and son of Kinte Vom Sickinger Moorwerk (2 x WUSV participant). Kinte Vom Sickinger Moorwerk's father is Pike von der Schafbachmühle, and Tea Ben-Ju's father is Norbo Ben-Ju (6 x Wusv participant).

Carlos' mother,  Hanah Cheri Anrebri comes from the famous kennel Anrebri in CZ Republic. Hanah Cheri Anrebri is the daughter of  Don Vom Clausberg and Eliska Anrebri, which is daughter of Kennel Anrebi's famous topstud, Frankie Anrebri

Carlos' pedigree can be seen, by pushing the link below











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