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Guarantee and safety

Goliath and Brother

If you as a buyer, within the first 6 month, not is happy for your puppy, whatever the reason must be, you can get your money back, or get a new puppy from Kennel Cutulus, if it is possible. A puppy/dog and the family/owner has to "fit" together. The chemistry between owner and dog has to be very good, if you don't like your dog or the other way around, it will NEVER really be good, for either of you. And both you and the dog deserves better than that. The same rules if:

 - The dog can't get approved as a policedog or as a guard-dog

- Has a dissease or HD/AD

 The dog will allways be bought back to Kennel Cutulus, and it is not legal to sell the dog from our kennel, without  concent from Kennel Cutulus.

  KENNEL CUTULUS    4340 TØLLØSE    Tlf: 3151-3132