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Tlf: 3151-3132

Bona Vom Wolfsheim

Bona Vom Wolfsheim 

Born: 12'th of april 2006
HD: A, DNA, AD, BH, SchH1, AK1/Kkl1
Dansk Indeks: 103 (ny)
Show: Excellent


We proudly present Kennel Cutulus' first breeding female:

Bona Vom Wolfsheim

We have bought this wonderful female from the german Kennel Vom Cap Arkona, and expect us a lot of her. She has an SchH1 from Germany, and is crowned in class 1, and she has a german HD index on 77. Besides that, she is a high prey dog, and has a lot of carisma, and a very strong and nice personality.

That the bloodlines and workingabilities is absolut first class in this litter, is confirmed by her two brothers:

Bomber Vom Wolfsheim

 Bomber Vom Wolfshein

Bandit Vom Wolfsheim


Bandit Vom Wolfsheim

just turned 2 years in april, and allready they have been used in breeding, in several big german kennels, for eksampel: 2 breedings in Kennel Von Karthago, Kennel Vom Cap Arkona, Kennel Vom Baphomet, Kennel Vom Siebenteufelsturm, Kennel Von Dream-Time, Kennel Vom Schwarzen Ninja, Kennel Von der Rohrbrücke, Kennel Uzon's, Kennel Von Der Emsaue, Kennel Vom Junkersrain, Kennel Von Neandertal and also Kennel Jabina from Denmark.


Link to Bona Vom Wolfsheim's pedigree:



  KENNEL CUTULUS    4340 TØLLØSE    Tlf: 3151-3132