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Tlf: 3151-3132


Drago Vom Patriot 

Born: 27'th of october 2008
HD:A, DNA, BH, AD, SchH1, SchH2, SchH3, AK1/Kkl1
Danish Indeks: 104 (ny)
Ger,am Indeks: 79 
Skue: V
Drago er an amazing and beautiful male, that on pictures are extremely beautiful, but in real life, he is the type of dog, that blows your head away :-) A fantastic dog, full of confidence... 
He has an enormously energy and full of power, and you have no doubt, that this is a MALE, full of confidence. When the owner, Sven Leuchner, told me about Drago, he tld me, that Drago is from his own kennel, and was returned 11 month old, because the owner could not handle him. Drago is not a typicam dog for competition, because he is too independant. Those who knows Drago's father: Aron Vom Bracheler See, knows, that this dog means what he says, and he has something to have the confidence in.... He has extremely high preydrives, and he has a lot of power.
Drago has made a lot of puppies for both the german police and military. I have had a Aron Vom Bracheler See son before, and Drago reminds me a lot of him, both in the way he looks, and his behaviour. My dog passed the mentaltest in the danish police for patroldogs.

  KENNEL CUTULUS    4340 TØLLØSE    Tlf: 3151-3132