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Tlf: 3151-3132

J'unique Du Triangle Magique
Born: 6'th of june 2010
HD: A, AD: 0
BH- AD- IPO 1-IPO 2 - IPO 3, DNA
Danish Indeks: 114 (ny)
Show:  G
"J'unique" is bred from the famous kennel in Belgium:  Kennel "Du Triangle Magique" and bought to be used as a future breeding female. She has a perfect pedigree, which can not be any better than this... Her mother Fidji Du Triangle Magique is sister to  Figo Du Triangle Magique, which is son of Ängbackans Rosso, which does*nt need further introduction. But for those who may not know him, he was world Champion in 2007. We also stay a little bit inthe same bloodlines, since the old grandmother to J'Unique is Enny Von Der Mohnwiese, which is the mother of Jamaika Von Der Mohnwiese, the other breeding female. 
"J'unique's" father was selected to the WUSV in  Sevilla in Spain in october 2010´, with these points:   A: 97 B: 96 C: 99= 292 point. 
Mor: Fidji Du Triangle Magique
Far: Fifthy Van De Biezenhoeve
"J'unique" is a VERY special female, with a lot of temperament.... She is a very hard female, and is actually a lot like a male, in a lot of ways. Maybe also the reason why she made a splendid mentaltest on the danish policeacademy for police patrol dogs.... Almost a perfect test.....
She is a small female on 27 kilos, and she is EXTREMELY fast in everythig she does, and she always gives herself 100 % in every little thing....  Her bite is amazing, deep and hard... She is born to bite, and makes an extremely quick and hard stop, and has made a lot of the helpers fall down.... She has enormously and neverending preydrives, but at the same time, she is calm  in her head, which actually should not be possibly with the amount og preydrives she has... She ALWAYS knows what she is doing, and learn everything very fast.
 Her hopefully coming puppies will be suitable both for policedogs, and for competition.

  KENNEL CUTULUS    4340 TØLLØSE    Tlf: 3151-3132